Welcome To The New Deer Canyon Parent Staff Organization!

The 2023-2024 school year brings exciting new changes as the Deer Canyon Foundation transforms to the Deer Canyon Staff Organization.

The DCPSO was founded in 2023 to cultivate financial support to enhance the learning experience for students at Deer Canyon. We continue the mission of the previous Deer Canyon PTA and Foundation organizations,  with a look toward the future by striving to provide the types of enriched learning opportunities for all students as they prepare for a diverse society and ever-changing world. The DCPSO is committed to being good stewards of donations and making decisions for financial support on what is best for the Deer Canyon students/staff. 

Please go here to access our 2023-2024 Budget

Please go here to access our Amended Bylaws (9/2023)

Please go here to access the Check Reimbursement form.

Have a Facilitron Request this year? Please submit it to DCPSO VP of Operations, Melissa Doctor ([email protected]), 10 days in advance of your event.

Deer Canyon is a special place and it’s because of YOU! Thank you for investing in the education of DC students, teachers, and staff.