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The 2023-2024 school year brings exciting changes as the DC Foundation transforms to the Deer Canyon Parent Staff Organization. 

Soon you will see all the ways the DCPSO funds critical school needs and enriches the student experience. 

Below are ways our previous Foundation supported Deer Canyon

Staff & Teacher Salaries

For 2022-2023, Foundation funded 6 staff and teacher salaries for a total of $97,000 dollars.

Role Description
3 General Education Instructional Aides (Classified employee)

Grades 1/2, Grades 2/3, & Grades 4/5

PE Instructional Aide


Grades K-5


18 hours a week of PE instruction

STEAM Lab Impact Teacher Grades K-5


26 weeks of instruction in the STEAM Lab

Choir Grades 3-5 on Thursday afternoons


Only 7/25 PUSD elementary schools offer music during the day, other than band/orchestra

Enrichment Programs

Arts Adventures Program: Regular in class art lessons based on research based curriculum on artists and art techniques from diverse authors and all over the world. Includes regular Family Art Nights where the whole family can join in!

STEAM Lab: Fund teacher salary, program, and supplies. Classes visit the STEAM lab at least once a week.

Mileage Club: Foundation purchased new technology and QR code lanyards for students in 1st – 5th grade to make it even more fun to participate in Mileage Club! 


Foundation has funded electronic equipment such as iPads, Chromebooks, and laminators, along with educational programs such as SeeSaw for the 2020-2021 year.

Class & School Supplies

Foundation provided $11,890 in supply grants to teachers and staff, a 20% increase from 21/22

Foundation funds many class and school supplies such as copy paper, construction paper, graph paper, spiral notebooks, markers, art supplies, Friday folders, copy orders through district printing, desk organizers, and much more.

PE supplies, STEAM Lab supplies, and Library supplies are funded by your Foundation dollars.

Teacher & Staff Grants

Teachers and student support staff receive a grant from the Foundation to help prepare for the academic year and fund any additional costs in hopes to limit what a teacher or staff may spend on their own.